4 key stages to Success

The following unique roadmap navigates us through the process

Initial Meeting

Our first step is to meet in person or video link up and find out more about you and your business.

I will shadow you through the self examination audit and afterwards submit to you a draft report.

This is the chance to fully examine some focal areas and suggested immediate action points.

The 1st one-hour meeting and the draft report are complimentary.


Workshop Strategy Session

Spending the equivalent of 1 day with you and/or a senior manager, we will design the framework for getting all your business's systems live and ready to test. If we agree that some barriers exist to immediately starting this work we will step back and work on your company vision, core values, team accountability before we move onto your core process documentation.

13 week consultancy and System Build

Upon agreement, the next step is to commit to building your future of scaleable, profitable business growth and freedom.

We will roll out stages collaboratively over 13 weeks with your management team, and 'beta' test as we go.

Ongoing coaching and Mentoring

Aside from the system build we can work on further business development and building a systems culture and team accountability process, fine tuning the business from strength to strength.


Put simply...

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Lets meet and discuss your business

Get to know you and your business or business plan, seeing where we need to start, or what can be improved.

Workshop strategy Session

This is the Grit!

This will be the basis for our collaboration to really drive your business internal and external growth.


Operational Build

This is where we ( the whole team) turn talk into action and tribal or scattered business know-how into one key system.

Ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

Tweeking and maintaining the system can always do with an external set of eyes. Here we keep talking and making sure progress is happening.


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